Conventional NDT


With 25 years of experience on the Norwegian continental shelf, CAN is one of Norway’s foremost players in conventional NDT inspection. We have long experience with inspection of process plants, cranes, pedestals, chassis, flame towers, drilling towers. We do internal inspections in tanks and containers.

All our inspectors have access technology and can perform inspections where there is difficult access.

CAN is approved by DNV GL for general NDT and thickness measurement on vessels.

Our inspectors are certified by

NS-EN ISO 9712 / Nortest
NS 415 Operational Inspectors
NS 477 Welding Inspectors
DNVGL CP-0484-B04 for NDT on classification projects
DNVGL CP-0484 A01 for UTM thickness measurement on all vessels
NS 9600 / SOFT Access Technicians

CAN has surface inspectors with more than 5 years of experience and a Frosio certificate.

CAN has its own NDT equipment that is maintained and certified.

CAN provides multidisciplinary climbing teams with specialist expertise to carry out inspections, take any corrective actions and any subsequent improvements. The findings we make are communicated to the customer on an ongoing basis.