The splash zone is the term in the area located between sea and air on offshore installations. This is an area that is difficult to reach and where temperature, together with salt and oxygen, creates a breeding ground for possible corrosion.

In the summer of 2016, CAN was given the opportunity to test out a new surface product from Belzona Polymerics, specially developed for use in this area. A methodology was developed that is based on the use of climbing methodology / electric rope scopes and magnets. This method works well to be able to position personnel efficiently and quickly to perform the surface treatment.

After sandblasting, chemical cleaning and demining of the area to be surface treated, the coating is sprinkled on the structure in one coat of at least 2300 microns. This minimizes the time from pre-treatment start to finish coating is added.

The project was carried out by a 3-5 man climbing team with expertly trained surface finishers.