We located a total of 6 cracks, and together with the customer it was decided that one of the cracks was critical and had to be repaired in connection with the shutdown.

In collaboration with the customer, our welding manager conducted a site test to ensure a quality improvement method, and two of our welders were selected for training before repairing the cracks. The work went on both day and night, which led to the platform getting back into operation quickly.

Prior to the 2012 shutdown, CAN was given the task of training personnel to repair the remaining cracks, as well as to fabricate and install new heat shields for structure in a flame boom. Together with the Danish Technological Institute, we created procedures and training programs to grind cracks in duplex and carbon steel structure. Parallel trained support staff in our training facilities to ensure a safe and effective execution of the job. We rigged a traverse in our drill tower to make the training as realistic as possible. During the training we found optimal equipment and method for pressing out the bolts connecting the upper and lower parts of the flare structure.

Long experience and specific training meant that the job was completed on time, with the expected quality and not least without injuries to personnel or equipment.