The customer will experience us as a team of very competent people, with the ability to carry out a project from A to Z.

This is the essence of “The Can Way”, and has been there since its inception in 1993. Therefore, all inquiries are processed and followed by highly educated engineers, who in close cooperation with the customer agree on the safest, smartest and most effective method to carry out of the project in question.

The composition of the team is adapted to each project – always focusing on safety and effective implementation.

The implementation is carried out by skilled operators – 80 percent of them have at least one relevant professional license. The remaining 20 percent have supplementary features, such as climbing and leadership skills, to ensure safe and effective implementation. Everything is done in close dialogue with the project manager on land, who travels offshore when it is necessary to follow the project more closely.

When it comes to team composition, we put it together so that the job can be done without the change of personnel along the way, which would result in loss of time and money for the customers.

CAN AS holds the following certifications:



ISO 9001:2015


NS9600 – 3
NS9600 – 4

DNV GL Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements of ship’s Structure